Bridget Verdon

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
24 May 1833



Mr SAMUEL LYONS appeared on a Summons obtained by an assigned servant, named BRIDGET VERDON for detaining her clothes. It appeared that the woman received a suit of mourning after the death of Mrs. LYONS with the rest of the servants, and was shortly afterwards detected in taking impressions of a key, for which she was sentenced to six months in the factory. This sentence being served, she wanted the suit of mourning which Mr LYONS refused to give up on the ground that it was in nature of a livery, and that her misconduct did not entitle her to any consideration. The Bench said, that if he did not, agreeably to the Government Order, they must report him to the Governor. Mr. LYONS regretted he could not read the order in the same light, and must therefore decline giving up the clothes. The Bench therefore reported him as an unfit person to have servants assigned to him in future.

That the Bench have put a just interpretation upon the Government Order is quite absurd, but it seems as if a certain set of our Justices are determined to do all they can to render the Government regulations unpopular, sometimes deciding according to their spirit, sometimes according to their letter as it may suit that object. This is the first commencement of the political scheme of the Darling Gang to embarrass the present Government, and we can already trace its working from Hunter’s River, to Argylshire. We await with patience the next step.


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