Sailor Sal

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
16 December 1831


A fair frail one, disguised in sailor’s trim—“long quartered shoes check shirt blue jacket—and trowsers like the driven snow,” was detected on board the Celia one day last week, in which the lady thought to work her passage pretty comfortably, and handed over to the strong arm of the Police; when, notwithstanding a comely person, and the native eloquence of sighs and tears, united to her interesting situation, the poor wench was consigned by the grim Cerberuses of Burn’s Justice, to the Parramatta “Factory” for twelve long weary moons; there to wither and while away solitude in assisting her many hundred sisters to eat up the government provisions, and do unavoidable mischief, or very little good in restitution for the care and expense both of watching and keeping them in good condition. So prosper, ye Solons and Rhadamanthuses of Botany Bay.


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