Elizabeth Coleman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
14 January 1831

IMPROMPTU.—The following curious “apologetical explanation” having appeared in a contemporary print [The Sydney Monitor] of the 8th inst., — we have been favored by a humorous Correspondent with the poetical parody, which immediately succeeds it.

MR PAMINGTON, a respectable TAILOR, has called upon us to complain of our Reporter having represented Mrs. P. as having sent her servant to the Factory, for pulling off her wig!! The fact is,—she was sent away, “for being out late at night;” and in the next place, Mrs. PAMINGTON is a “young woman,” and has a good head of hair”!!!!

We haste to correct our Reporter’s sad error,

Wishing only,—the truth to reflect,—like a mirror!

And,—“Whereas we have stated, by Slander misled,

Mrs. PAM wears a wig, and has got a bald head;”

We now, on her husband’s assertion, declare,

That his Spouse is NOT bald,—and does not wear false hair;

And as he is wroth,—“She should thus be made sport,”

We do hereby rescind our Reporter’s REPORT;

And announce, (tho’ the Public may care not a fig,)

“Mrs. PAM is NOT bald, and does NOT wear a Wig!!!!



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