Catherine Carrol

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
26 November 1830

To the Editor of The Australian.

SIR,—Under the impression that your Paper is at all times open to expose the conduct of a set of beardless puppies, who delight in disturbing respectable families by their barefaced dissipation, I beg to enclose you a case I have just been informed of, and shall feel favored by your giving it a place in your number.

I am, Sir, your obedient servant,



On Sunday night last, a young man employed in one of the public offices, unable to withstand the bewitching smiles of CATHERINE CARROL, the assigned servant of a fellow lodger, took advantage of her master and mistress being from home, and invited the damsel to his apartment. The amorous couple were however discovered at half past eleven o’clock, by the damsel’s betrothed, who locked the door of the apartment, with the intention of exposing their situation the following morning. It however happened that the frail one’s master returned that night, when he immediately sent for constables, and an expose followed. The gallant Lothario met with the chastisement he so richly deserved, and the Bench sentenced her ladyship to 3 months in the 3d class of female factory, Parramatta.


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