Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
17 July 1830


An unhappy couple—the effect of drunkenness—no matter where they reside, having a family of young children, received a government servant from the Female Factory at Parramatta. The maid had imbibed some of the habits of her mistress, and she was repeatedly threatened to be returned to the factory, as a bad woman. In the maid’s absence one day, the unhappy pair were privately consulting about the expediency of returning the offender to government. In the midst of the argument one of the parties observed, “What will be done with her—there is BETTY wants taking care of?” (An infant). When another daughter about six or seven years of age, who had listened to the whole case unnoticed, very aptly observed—“Oh Mother! I can nurse BETTY when you and father are fighting!” What should a parent feel?—Thus, with Antipodes, the child corrects the parent.


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