Elizabeth Lilly

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
19 February 1830

A curious scene was exhibited in Pitt-street, on Wednesday afternoon; three lusty fellows appeared pulling down the house of a person named ELIZABETH LILLY; the men mounted the roof with the utmost agility, and soon stripped it of the shingles. In the interim, two constables arrived, who, after considering the law of the case for a few minutes, declared that there being no breach of the peace, they could not interfere. Mr. SYDNEY STEPHEN now came up and endeavoured to prevent further demolition of the unfortunate woman’s house, which it appeared, had been disposed of by her son while she was in the Factory, but without avail. The house was quickly levelled to the ground, and on its ruins there is to arise, we hear, a chapel! This affairs [sic] calls for explanation.


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