Nelly Gibson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 January 1830

JOHN CURREN, a fellow of infinite verbosity, high in favour with himself, and up to everything, accompanied by his chere amee, NELL GIBSON,* were had up before the Police Bench the other day, the former for inciting NELLY to leave her mistress’s work, and supplying her with adrop of real Jamaica — the latter from continued potations, neglecting her work, for which she had been put in the watch house the preceding evening, in which place of durance vile, JOHNNY KINDLES waited upon her early in the morning, with a jug of Souchong smoking hot. The Bench sentenced NELLY to three months in the third class of the factory, and to have her pretty locks cut off, while JOHNNY, the instigator of NELLY’s peccadillo, was discharged, master not appearing against him.

* ELLEN GIBSON [possible alternate name]


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