Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
20 November 1829

A stout elderly little matron appeared, under the protection of her lord and master, who made sad complaints about the conduct of his rib, whom the poor benedict accused of perpetually playing certain pranks utterly unbecoming any maid or matron of chastity, and which, however, such sort of practices might adorn his head, yet beat heavy at his heart, and made him feel at times the torture of the damned—under potent tugs, not alone of the green-eyed monster in his single shape, but of conviction himself. Under these promises, it was considered by the Bench both meet and fitting, that the faithless disturber of an honest man’s peace of mind should try what efficacy there might exist  in factory air for three long moons, during which she should endure a separation from the poor Benedict, her complaining mate.


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