Charley Cook

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 October 1829

On Thursday CHARLES, or as the lad is more familiarly cognominated CHARLEY COOK, was had up on an accusation of permitting, in the exercise of his vocation of a carter, or conductor, or driver of “the elongated ordinance piece” which transports frail penetents [sic] weekly betwixt the capital and the rural factory at Parramatta—strange characters on the road, to hold converse with his fall “freight,” such dialogues being carried on by strong exertion of the lungs on both sides, the “homo” on the outer flank hailing his inamorata aloud, whilst the nymphs brawled their oracular answers through the obdurate planking of the impenetrable wagon, despite of the padlock, which keeps the door all fast within and without, no key being intrusted [sic] even to Master JOEY—one of these instruments being lodged with his Majesty’s gaoler, whilst a counter key, held by the matron of said place of penitence lets out the precious cargo on arrival at the ordinary place of setting down. The accusation went on to charge master drive COOK, moreover, with the cardinal vices of getting drunk when he could, being insolent to whom he would, throwing points of duty to the dogs when so disposed—in fine, being a most derelict character, and one richly meriting some sound and salutary punishment, which the Bench speedily marked their sense of, by commending the offender to a sound thrashing—half a hundred, duly doled forth from the heavy hand of the common vapulator.


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