Mary Walsh

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
28 October 1829

Another damsel, pale, bilious and interesting, made her appearance next, under the charge of absenting herself from her service for a full week, during which master or mistress could not hear tales or tidings of her; but, at last, she was pinned and then brought before the bench, in order to account, if she could, for such her peccadillo. The girl avowed that master wished her to emigrate to Hunter’s River, but she pleading too great delicacy of health to encounter the fatigues of a sea voyage, found that of little avail,— so she packed her little dudds and trudged away quite innocently like. But this gentle ditty did not secure a sufficiently sympathetic feeling with the bench—who come will come—nil—commended the delicate handmaid, third class factory fare for three months. Thereafter Gentle MOLLY, (MARY WALSH was the handmaid’s appellative) gentle MOLLY heaved a deep-set sigh to this climax to her hopes and fears, and retired from the bar.


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