Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
23 June 1829

Another frail passenger by the Edward, though now a bond-woman, on the complaint of her mistress, of repeated intoxication, was directed to pass two months amongst the third class in the factory. After that she might return to her service.

The women by the Edward have gained a very bad name. Scarce a day passes but on, and sometimes two or three of the frail ones are had up before the Police for divers pecadilloes. Some do not feel disposed to draw water, and refuse duty; others “can’t” wash, and refuse duty, some “can’t” cook, and therefore refuse duty, some “can’t” sew, and refuse duty, whilst others “can’t” scrub, and refuse duty; but there are few to be found amongst them who cannot eat and drink, ay drink most readily, and sleep most profoundly. They will find their mistake out by and bye.


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