Elizabeth Frost

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 June 1829

MATRIMONIAL INFELICITY.— On Thursday last ELIZABETH F. was charged by her lord and husband with incontinence. The hen-pecked master swore that the wife of his bosom had constantly been in the habit of deserting the connubial couch, and of resorting to infamous houses, where she distributed her favours liberally to the best bidder, and when at home was continually muddled, or in a way to be so, or downright drunk, could she muster up wherewithal to buy liquor. Considering the defendant to be a woman of vile character, the Bench condemned her to have her head shaved, and after that process to be removed to the third class in the Parramatta Penitentiary or Factory—there to remain for eight months at hard labour.


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