Mr. Gray

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 June 1829

A man named GRAY was brought before the Police the other day, by NORTON, the Under Gaoler, on a charge of refusing to officiate as driver to a van full of women, when ordered.

The Under Gaoler explained that on the morning the van was ordered to proceed to Parramatta with women, destined for the Factory, GRAY happened to be driver; but after the women had been all snugly seated and the van door locked, and when GRAY was ordered to drive on, he insisted upon his first enjoying a smoke.

The Under Gaoler threatened to put the “puffer” in the “chokey” if he did not drive on at once. Prisoner replied, “you are not game enough to do that,” upon which the Under Gaoler did directly clap the fellow in “durance vile.” He was reprimanded and discharged.


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