Ann Murphy

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
5 June 1829

Let us now pursue the thread of our incidents for the week. In good faith, though many, they admit of little variation, as will be seen on reading onwards.

MARY HUGHES and ANN MURPHY, two strapping wenches assigned from the Factory service to the service of Mistress What “D’ye Call Her,” were had up on Monday, and charged with quitting their quiet beds at a most unseasonable hour, and going “gadding.” The wenches, it appeared, had been packed up as usual by their Mistress to repose, but on stepping into their dormitory a short hour afterwards, it was found to be vacant. MARY HUGHES being the younger of the two, and most in the good graces of her Mistress, was allowed to return to her service, with an admonition, that it would be better for her not to appear speedily in that place as a “peccadilloist” again. But the other frail defendant, “Misses” ANN MURPHY did not come off so cheaply. For some time had the nymph been in that state that “ladies wish to be who love their lords,” and actually within the last three weeks had she given birth to a young Murphy. Oh fie, fie! Oh Nanny, Nanny! How could you do such naughty deeds? “You shall go tree months to de tird class in de Factory;” and so the weeping infatuated mother was removed, to accompany others of her sex by water to the Parramatta place of penitence and labour.


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