Esther Stokes

Evidence type: Newspaper Report
28 April 1829

A dashing looking dame, fat, fair, and forty, the spouse, as affirmed, of a seaman named STOKES, was brought before the Police Bench one day last week, charged with being found in a disorderly house at the hour of one on Monday morning.

ESTHER bears a bad character, and is well known to some of the constables. ESTHER also was in the factory a short time since for the identical offence now charged. ESTHER must have been indulging in the use of strong waters, as she stated she did not know the hour, and thought it was about nine o’clock, instead of one o’clock in the morning.

ESTHER’s spouse came forward and with a tolerable fair countenance for a tar, expressed a hope that ESTHER might be pardoned, but no—such practices must not be encouraged; accordingly ESTHER was ordered to take a three months spell in the factory. She was removed from the bar—JACK cast a long and lingering look towards his rib, and shaking his head, followed her out of the office.


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