Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 February 1829

An assigned servant to Mr. SHAUGHNESSY, undertaker, was charged with absenting herself from her master’s service. The girl had indulged herself in a freak which ended in a watch-house. A constable who was induced to take a ramble in the domain, to enjoy a little fresh air, happened to come full butt when turning a corner, unexpectedly, with the frail one. Her appearance at once denoted her to be worth a salute. Good morning, says the man—but oh what a silence—what a pause. The woman knew the man, but he just then did not know his customer. A little time however sufficed to make them close acquaintances—a feminine tone of voice discovered to the prying notice of the constable that under the assumed male attire there was something of a frail woman. She was walked off to a watch-house. Mr. JILKS, the chief constable, was immediately sent for, and to him was assigned the privilege of making an enquiry into the matter. The woman finding herself to be unmasked, made confession that she was in disguise, and having been seduced from her master’s home, was induced to adopt that disguise to avoid detection. The delinquent was sentenced by the Bench to one month in the factory.


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