Esther M’Guinness

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
30 January 1829

ESTHER M’GUINNESS, the assigned married prisoner to a Sydney constable of that name, was charged by her lord and master with being a drunken, disorderly character. There were faults on both sides; but those of the frail one before the bench appeared to preponderate. In a moment of jealousy the husband went in search of her; whom on his return home from his day’s police duty, he expected ready to welcome him, with open arms; instead of which he found her missing. He strayed from one street to another till at length he detected her in company with one of his own sex, and under circumstances which gave rise to a substantiation of his preconceived suspicions as to the integrity of her conduct. The delinquent had been twice before complained of by her husband; and, in consequence, had been punished by being sent to the Factory.


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