Mary Much

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
20 January 1829

A woman prisoner named MUTCH,* enjoying the privelege [sic] of a ticket of leave, in conjunction with her husband, who held a similar indulgence, was charged with purchasing a blanket from an assigned prisoner of the crown, in the employ of Mr. CHAMBERS, of Elizabeth-street. The blanket being discovered missing, and Mr. C. suspecting what had been done with it, instituted an enquiry, and subsequently learning that his servant had disposed of it to the prisoner, had the present charge brought. On the oath of the assigned servant, she was sentenced by the Bench to be deprived of her ticket of leave, and in addition to such judgment to be sent to the factory asylum at Parramatta for three months to the third class.

Since this case was determined, some parties interested in the welfare of the supposed delinquent, have applied to, and obtained from the Superintendent, summonses, citing the appearance forthwith of certain individuals, who it is said will give a different colouring to the entire of the transaction. No less serious an imputation than that of subornation of perjury, forms the ground work of enquiry. The hearing of the case will be brought under Magisterial jurisdiction this forenoon.

* a.k.a. MARY MUCH per Maria


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