Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
9 December 1828

The alleged husband of a female prisoner of the Crown, assigned to his service, was cited by the Magistrates at the Police Office on Saturday, to shew cause why he denied maintaining the wife of his bosom.

The man pleaded a double marriage; for after his arrival in the Colony, having been transported hither for fourteen years, which period had expired, to better his condition

———”he had got

To his heart, a second lot—”

and was  becoming comfortably settled down in life, when fortune tired of being propitious to his wishes, dispatched out his former rib, transported pretty similarly as he had himself been. The Magistrates were of opinion the man had rendered himself liable to a conviction for bigamy. This the man rebutted with an argument that having once been capitally convicted, he had become what is termed dead in law, and released from all previous engagements. Of this the Bench felt some doubts, but unwilling to decide rashly, left the matter in dubio, choosing, however, to transmit the woman for a while to the factory to abide further orders.


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