Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
25 June 1828

An assigned female servant was charged with purloining several trifling articles of property from a stall in the market-place, on the last market-day, whither the woman had been sent by the family in whose service she lived. Temptation being there presented for and exercise of slight of hand, an exercise in which she was somewhat of an adept, and a purloin being proved, she was sentenced six months to the third class in the factory. The day after this charge had been preferred and disposed off [sic], as detailed, the woman’s master appeared at the office to prefer a charge of robbery against the same woman; a circumstance not disclosed till after she had left his service. The Bench not having leisure, for that day, to examine into the merits of the charge, and the accused party not being there to meet it, adjourned. Master and maid were directed to call again tomorrow.


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