Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
1 February 1828


LOVE WITH A VENGEANCE.—A family man appeared to lodge a sad complaint against his assigned servant, a female. He complained of her conduct being most naughty. ‘Twas true that nature, when it formed her, could not be charged as just then possessing a mood for casting beauties.

“The expectancy and rose of the fair state

The glass of fashion, and the mould of form—

The observ’d of all observers,—

she was not—her features and her person being of the most homely cast. Howbeit she must have possessed some charm hidden from the dim eyes of the world; or, how the deuce could such a catastrophe as the following transpire. Short as was her residence in the Colony, having been but a few days come off a voyage from England, she had got into a good service, and had got a sweetheart, and with him had got nobly drunk, and was detected by her master in such a condition as to convince him that chastity and she had long been at loggerheads. The frail transgresser [sic] had not yet tasted of factory fare—so to the factory she was doomed—there to do penance for 3 months with other Magdalens of the 3d class.


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