Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
19 December 1827

LOVE AND FILCHING.—A young woman, the assigned servant of a shop-keeper in George-street, the latter charged with being grossly abusive, with neglecting work, and to sum up all detracting from her mistress’s stock of millinery, divers scraps of lace, ribbon, and other little matters, generally esteemed by dainty housewifes [sic]. Love—sly love—

“Love the disturber of high and of low,

That shoots at the peasant as well as the beau”

it was shrewdly suspected had trapped the maid (shall we say maid-en?) in his mesh, but he she loved—preferred the purse string to the heart, and so came on filching, and then discovery, and lastly, the catastrophe, a sad one, which was, that the maid be subjected to factory discipline sine die.


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