Hoppy M’Hearty

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
23 November 1827

A constable, named RUSH, was charged before the Superintendent with having been negligently disposed in the discharge of his duty, and committing a breach of trust. A young woman named HOPPY M’HEARTY, so was she designated by the chief constable, had been entrusted to the keeping, not to the “keeping,” but to the guardianship of CONSTABLE RUSH, who, in place of conveying her properly to the factory at Parramatta, according to instructions, toyed and “dallied in the innocence of love” with his protege upon the green, till morn o’ertook and blushed upon their gambols; and then the story became bandied about, and reached the ears of police cognisant thereof, and he considering the gallant complained of, more fit than to be constable, directed his dismassal [sic] forthwith from the department.


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