Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
7 November 1827

A constable charged the wife of his bosom with drunkenness. The poor Benedict affirmed that scarce a night passed when he came off his beat, and bent his footsteps homewards, fondly desiring that he might be felicitated by hearing the voice of his wife, “Bay deep mouthed welcome as he drew near home;” but home was deserted, door wide open, no supper cooked—all cold and comfortless within and she who had been given him to be an help-meet awhiling in a grog shop.—

“Some say that a bachelor’s life won’t do,

Others say that it’s merry and mellow;

Some say that it’s like an old glove or a shoe,

Fit for nothing from want of a fellow;” 

but this poor Benedict looked back with regret on the days he had passed in a state of single blessedness. His case met with due commiseration. The Bench consented to part the pair a mensâ et thoro, and the weaker vessel was assigned to factory discipline.


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