Catherine Elliott

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
17 October 1827


CATHERINE ELLIOTT stood charged with stealing a piece of dungaree, the property of CHARLES PICKERING.

The prosecutor is a shopkeeper. The prisoner went into the shop under a pretence of buying some trifling article, and during her stay there, was proved to have purloined a piece of dungaree, which, being missed immediately after her departure, caused a pursuit to be made, when she was overtaken, with the article in her possession, which the prosecutor swore to be his property. Verdict—Guilty. The Jury, however, recommended the prisoner to mercy, in consideration of her having four small children entirely dependent on her for support. Sentenced three months to the third class in the Factory.

Prisoner, apparently in great agony of mind, enquired what would become of her children.—Will my children be left with me?

THE CHAIRMAN—I fancy they will.


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