Ellen _____

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
12 October 1827

An elderly dame was brought up as a notorious sot, and aspiring to the honor [sic] of an asylum in the Factory. Age had not extinguished her fire. She was once reckoned a hard working, sober, industrious woman, but then she had wherewithhal [sic] to be happy. The partner of her affections was a lad sprightly and gay. Sorrows never troubled his bosom. He rose with the lark, and having bestirred his spouse, set out for the business of the day. This disposition of mind was congenial with the sentiments of honest ELLEN, but alas, the golden days were too happy to last long; cheerful yet luckless HARRY died in the prime of his youth, a mere stripling; and to sum up her woes, the remnant left behind for her future subsistence was very small. From this date she accounted all her misfortunes to commence; after this, she took to hard drinking, which finally brought her before the Bench, which consigned her one month to the Factory.


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