Johanna Salmon

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 January 1827

Information has reached the Police, which is likely to lead to the apprehension of WARD, a notorious bushranger, who stands charged with several capital felonies. Constables have been despatched after him. The place of his concealment is at some distance in the interior. A reward has been offered for his apprehension. On two occasions, when in custody, he has contrived to escape from the constables. He is suspected, among other offences, to be implicated in the murder of RATTY,* the constable at Parramatta. The last time he was heard of, he aided a woman [JOHANNA SALMON] who had been in the bush with him, and who was in solitary confinement in one of the cells in the Factory, to escape. He learnt where the woman was, and one night scaled the Factory walls, got the woman out, and they both took to the bush again. The woman has since been apprehended.

* BENJAMIN RATTY, Constable and emancipated convict.


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Police Report of JOHANNA SALMON (27 September 1826)

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