Jane Kingsbury

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
6 September 1826


JANE KINGSBURY, remanded from the 26th ult. was again brought up, and again remanded, and for the 4th & last time brought up on Monday to answer to a charge so often before mentioned. A host of accusers, it was expected, would be forthcoming; but upon the names being regularly and vociferously pronounced, ’twas “silence all,” and nought but echo answered. The contumacious dame was then dismissed, with a powerful admonition to return to her deserted “husband,” but this she continued to reject, and fled like a half wild cockatoo out of Court, followed by the footsteps of marital affection.

* Also recorded as JANE KINGSHAW in the first incident. See also the second incident from 2 September 1826 here.


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