Jane Kingsbury

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
2 September 1826

KINGSBURY v. Wife JANE (continued)

JANE KINGSBURY* was again introduced before the Bench on Monday, her inconsolable, deserted, once but no longer “caro-sposo” still consenting to overlook all former transgressions, and to receive back to his house—his home—his arms, the lost, repentant, prodigal “sheep,” as if she had never wandered beyond the precincts of his homely but sober dwelling. To these overtures the non-repenting ex-house-wife refused to accede or even listen. She was alike indifferent to the calls of love or duty, to magisterial or matrimonial expostulation. She preferred the factory with its dreary, solitary, effeminate halls in perspective, to the domestic fire-side,

“— — — — — — the song of birds,

The lisp of children — and their earliest words.”

Under those unpropitious circumstances it was considered most expedient to remand the flinty hearted dame, until the worldly goods with which she had charged herself on deserting her own good halls might be brought up in judgement against her, and a charge of misdemeanor instituted.

* Also recorded as JANE KINGSHAW on 30 August 1826


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