Unidentified Woman

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 June 1826

A smart, strapping wench appeared next; she had been dismissed from her assigned service, that of CAPTAIN POWDITCH, and placed pro tempore, under the Chief Constable’s care, who affirmed that a mortal exercising the honourable craft of a painter and glazier, had called on him the day before, “modestly” requesting that he might be allowed the pleasure of a tete a tete with the Chief Constable’s frail protégé, and a walk, for two hours only, along the level vista of Hyde Park; but not a little of this request, tho’ urged with all the pathos this ill-starred painter and glazier was master of, would be acceded to, though his eyes

“Albeit unused to the melting mood,

Dropt tears as fast as the Arabian trees,

Their medicinal gum;”

— it did not alter the Chief Constable’s resolution: he had even “half a mind” to give the importunate painter and glazier, a day and a night’s lodging in the watch-house, had he not effected a speedy escape. This disputed damsel was offered an asylum in the factory, which she was, tho’ unwillingly, forced to accept.


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