Mrs. Fair

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
6 May 1826

A Mrs. FAIR, stood proof, against the serious charges made against her by her lawful rib. Strange as it may appear, eight days had only elapsed on Wednesday last since this fair damsel had taken to herself a husband. The ensuing day to that of the nuptials, she was nowhere to be found; and, at night, it was all the same. However, who should appear next  morning, but her ladyship, at the Office, charged by some constables with exercising her lungs and wits over night, to the utter disturbance of a peaceful neighbourhood. There have been daily introductions of this lady before their worships since then, who cannot but commiserate this poor man’s lot. The wife can be of no great service to him, in her present fugitive mood, and has been assigned a temporary residence in the Factory. When the unfortunate spouse was acquainted with this awful fiat, he shrugged up his shoulders and left the office, with a most unenviable grimace.


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