Catherine Bigges

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
2 February 1826

JOHN DELL, JAMES CARSON, SOPHIA DAVIS, and CATHERINE BIGGES, were brought up the same day. It appeared that the two females, servants to Mr. SIMEON LORD, being in a state of intoxication on Sunday evening, were considered fit subjects for a watch-house. On the way to their destination the male prisoners met them, stated they were constables, and took charge accordingly. Shortly after a scream, as of a damsel in distress, proceeding from the Tanks, roused the native gallantry of FITZPATRICK, a real night-errant, who rushed forward staff in hand, and made prisoner, those pretended constables who were preparing to make an improper use of their guardianship. A hat on the head of the prisoner DELL was claimed by a Chinaman, as property abducted from him. The magristrates had no doubt of his criminality on that head, and sentenced him 100 lashes, CARSON, 7 days to the tread wheel, and CATHERINE BIGGES, to the 3d class in the factory. DAVIS was discharged, being a stranger in the colony.


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