Elizabeth Thompson

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
16 December 1824


WEDNESDAY, DEC. 8.—ELIZABETH THOMPSON,* alias MITCHELL, alias FREEMAN, was brought up charged with riotous and disorderly conduct on the night of Tuesday last. The cause assigned by the aforesaid lady for her disorderly proceedings, was a desire to be revenged upon her undutiful daughter, which daughter it appeared had been the usurper of certain of her domestic priveleges [sic], inasmuch as Mrs. MITCHELL had been for a series of years under the “protection” of a Mr. FREEMAN previous, to the arrival of “Miss” in the Colony. The charms of the daughter outshone as it should seem, those of the mother; and Mr. FREEMAN discarded mama for the more youthful attractions of Miss THOMPSON, who now enjoys those rites of which mama had of older time been the enjoyer. Such injuries could not pass unrevenged. The dame was in the habit of repairing to the domicile of her ci devant son-in-law, and there raising a disturbance to the great annoyance of the more peaceably disposed neighbours. A repetition of this disorderly conduct, on the night of Tuesday, was the subject of the present complaint, for which Mrs. MITCHELL had been lodged in the watch-house. Mr. FREEMAN, however, declined making his appearance to substantiate the charge; and the lady was dismissed with a suitable lecture from the Bench, promising that a twelve months sojournment at the Factory would be the result of any similar complain being made against her.



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