Mary Robinson and Elizabeth Goodwin

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
1 February 1822

MARY ROBINSON and ELIZABETH GOODWIN, both free women, were charged by district-constable THORN before the Bench of Magistrates, on Monday morning last, with being common prostitutes, having no regular place of abode; and with rioting in the streets on the Sabbath preceding, to the annoyance of the Public; — in fact, they were charged as public nuisances. This had not, unfortunately, been the first charge exhibited against those characters for an infringement on humanity and decency, and the present being too plainly established, they were sentenced as follow: — MARY ROBINSON, to be employed in the factory at Parramatta, at hard labour for six months; and ELIZABETH GOODWIN, having been at the same place three times before, to be kept at hard labour for 12 calendar months.


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