Cartoon of Convict Woman, 1840s

1840s convict woman, Sydney, Colony of New South Wales.
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. This image does not depict the Parramatta Female Factory but, rather, Sydney’s Hyde Park Barracks. It is about calls for the Port Phillip settlement to separate from NSW and shows Governor Gipps dressed as a convict woman in front of Hyde Park Barracks. As such, this image provides us with an artist’s impression of a typical 1840s convict woman in the colony of New South Wales [right]. Edward Winstanley, “Beautifully Linked Might v. Right.” Printed at top of image “Political Sketches by B.B. No.3,” printed beneath image “Printed and Published by E.D. Barlow No.9 Bridge Street” in 8 political lithographic cartoons, mostly by Edward Winstanley, (Sydney: Raphael Clint & Edward Barlow publishers, c.1844), 27 x 37.2 cm. Courtesy of Dixson library, State Library of New South Wales, a2255005h / DL PXX 66.