Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 August 1846



Yesterday being the day appointed for the visit of His Excellency the Governor to Parramatta, the steam-packet Emu, Capt. MORRIS, which had been placed at his Excellency’s disposal, was stationed at the Government Jetty, Fort Macquarie, about ten o’clock, and shortly afterwards, His Excellency, accompanied by Lady MARY FITZ ROY, Mr. GEORGE FITZ ROY, the Hon. E. DEAS THOMSON, Colonel MUNDAY, Captain GEORGE SEYMOUR, and several Officers of H. M. S. Carysfort, Captain MORIARTY, R. N. (Port Officer), and Mr. MEREWETHER, (Aide-de-camp to His Excellency), embarked, and the Emu immediately got under weigh.

Nothing of particular note occurred on the passage to Parramatta in the steamer, but His Excellency Sir CHARLES and Lady MARY FITZ ROY appeared much delighted with the scenery. Before the arrival of the Emu at the wharf, the inhabitants of the town had assembled in great numbers, in carriages, gigs, on horseback, and on foot, to pay their respects to the new Governor of this important Colony. The shops had been closed, and from many of the principal houses, banners of various kinds were seen floating long before the time appointed for the arrival of His Excellency.

About 12 o’clock, Sir CHARLES FITZ ROY and suite, with Lady MARY, landed at the Queen’s Wharf; and immediately afterwards the Town Band struck up the National Anthem. The performers then headed the procession, which moved in the following order:—The Parramatta Lodge of Odd Fellows in connection with the Manchester Unity, with their banners, and in full regalia; the townspeople, four abreast; the members of the District Council of Parramatta; the Clergy and Magistrates of the town and district; then followed His Excellency the Governor, on horseback, supported on his right by H. H. MACARTHUR, Esq., M. C. for Parramatta, and on his left by the Police Magistrate of the town, and Captain M’LEAN, and followed by the Colonial Secretary, His Excellency’s Private Secretary and Aide-de-camp. Next came the carriage of H. H. MACARTHUR, Esq., in which were Lady MARY FITZ ROY and Mrs. MACARTHUR, closely following by other carriages, gigs, and horsemen; the children of the Orphan School, and of several private schools.

The procession having arrived at the Government House, a deputation waited upon His Excellency with the following Address, which was read by H. H. MACARTHUR, Esq,

To His Excellency Sir CHARLES AUGUSTUS FITZ ROY, K. C. H., Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of the Territory of New South Wales, and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, &c., &c., &c.


We, the undersigned Members of Council Clergy, Magistrates, and other inhabitants of the Town and District of Parramatta, take the first opportunity of conveying to your Excellency this Address, unanimously agreed upon at a public meeting convened for the purpose, in testimony of the loyalty, fidelity, and attachment entertained by the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood, both individually and collectively, towards our Most Gracious Sovereign Queen Victoria, as subjects of her realm.

In addressing your Excellency with all due respect, and every rightful acknowledgement as the Representative of our Most Gracious Sovereign, we are fully sensible of the obligations which our relative position imposes upon us, and confide with sincerity in the wisdom that has intrusted [sic] the interests of this important Colony to the government of your Excellency at a most important period of its history. At the same time we cannot suffer this opportunity to pass by without most respectfully begging permission to express to your Excellency our willingness and readiness to co-operate at all times in maintaining the peace of the community, religion, and morality.

[There were near 350 signatures to this Address.]

His Excellency was pleased to make the following reply:—

To the Members of Council, Clergy, Magistrates, and other inhabitants of the town, and district of Parramatta.


I thank you for the honour you have done me in presenting to me this Address, and I feel much gratification in receiving the assurance it contains of the loyalty, fidelity, and attachment which the inhabitants of this town and district entertain towards our Most Gracious Queen.

I can assure you, that Her Majesty is most deeply interested in the welfare of this most important portion of her Colonial possession, and that I am fully aware of the responsibility attached to the charge which I have been selected to undertake.

I cannot for a moment doubt that you will at all times be ready to co-operate with me in maintaining the peace of the community, and in supporting the cause of good government, religion, and morality.


Government House, Parramatta

August 14, 1846

Shortly afterwards, His Excellency, accompanied by the Colonial and Private Secretaries, the Aide-de-camp, and most of the officials, proceeded to visit several of the public establishments—the factory, the gaol, &c., &c. Sir CHARLES and suite, with Lady MARY FITZ ROY, then accompanied the Hon. Mr. MACARTHUR to his mansion at the Vineyard, where they partook of a luncheon. The steamer in the interim had gone down to Red Bank, where His Excellency and suite, with Lady MARY FITZ ROY, embarked, and returned to the metropolis.

See Original: “LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. HIS EXCELLENCY SIR CHARLES A. FITZ ROY’S FIRST VISIT TO PARRAMATTA,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Saturday 15 August 1846, p.3