Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
26 November 1844



Female Factory — A bit of a fracas broke out at this establishment on Saturday, which might have been attended with rather serious consequences, had not his Excellency, attended by the Visiting Justice, been almost immediately on the scene of action. Their prompt management superseded the movement arising from mismanagement. The origin of the affair was an attempt to separate the children from their mothers, which step was acted on in a most imprudent and injudicious manner, without, in the first instance considering how such a measure should properly be carried into effect, or that these women, although prisoners, possessed the feelings of mothers. It is but justice to add, that we have heard—and from the known natural humanity of the Visiting Justice, we believe it to be the fact—that the origin of this proceeding was unknown to him.

See Original: “COUNTRY NEWS. PARRAMATTA,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Tuesday 26 November 1844, p.3