Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
22 October 1839

Female Factory.—We are happy to perceive by a notice from the Colonial Secretary’s Office, that the Government have, at last, opened their eyes to the impolicy and folly of keeping nine or ten hundred women enclosed within the walls of the Factory without employment. The notice states, that needlework of all kinds will, in future, be done under the superintendence of the matron, and families in town are invited to send their materials and directions to Mr ROGERS at Hyde Park Barracks, which will be forwarded to Parramatta and returned free of expense. We trust the invitation will not be disregarded, the charges being on a more moderate scale than could be expected from private sempstresses; besides they will be doing a public benefit, at the same time that they benefit themselves, who patronise Mr BELL’s establishment; inasmuch as, by furnishing the means of industry to these indolent creatures, they will be prevented from spending their days in idle gossip and devising intrigues of villainy to be put into execution to the prejudice of their assignees when they are sent to private service, and “eating the bread of idleness,” at the public cost, without any corresponding advantage accruing from their labours; and, when they get a good place, they will be less desirous of returning to the drudgery of the Factory, than they have been hitherto, of participating in its enjoyments under the present and past demoralising system.

See Original: “Female Factory,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Tuesday 22 October 1839, p.2