Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
19 October 1839

Colonial Secretary’s Office,

Sydney, 18th October, 1839


SUFFICIENT Needlework for the employment of the prisoners, not being at present procured, Notice is again given to the public that Needlework of all sorts is performed at the Female Factory in the best possible manner, and at very moderate charges.

For the convenience of persons residing in or near Sydney, work is now received at Hyde Park Barracks, by Mr WILLIAM EDWARD ROGERS, forwarded to Parramatta, and returned when finished to Hyde Park, for delivery free of expense, to the parties.

The following are the prices at present established—

Shirts: from 1s to 2s 6d

Shifts: from 1s to 1s 6d

Night Gowns: from 1s to 1s 6d

Babies’ Gowns or Petticoats: from 6d to 1s

Pinafores: from 6d to 1s

Pantaloons or trousers: 1s to 3s

Waistcoats: 1s to 2s

Jackets: 1s to 2s 6d

Slop Clothing, per Suit: 1s 6d to 2s 6d

And other articles in proportion.

All articles except Tailors’ work must be cut out, and the whole materials furnished.

Tailors’ work may either be cut out or not, at the option of the parties,—a Tailor being kept at the Factory, capable of cutting-out either from measure or pattern. Measures or patterns must however of course be sent, when the work is not cut out.

Work will still be received as heretofore by Mr BELL, at the Factory; and Mr BELL, as well as Mr WILLIAM ROGERS (at Hyde Park), will give any further information that may be required.

Each parcel of work intended for Sydney, will be returned to Hyde Park Barracks as soon as finished; and the party to whom it belongs will be informed by post when it is ready for delivery. In order to prevent disappointment however, it is hereby notified, that positive orders have been given to Mr BELL and Mr ROGERS, to deliver no work until it is paid for.

Notice is also given that Washing will be taken in at the Factory, after the 1st November next.

By His Excellency’s Command,


See Original: “Advertising,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Saturday 19 October 1839, p.3