Report on Female Factory

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
29 May 1838

To the Editor of The Australian.

SIR,—MR RYAN BRENNAN, Third Police Magistrate, having given an order to the constabulary to take indiscriminately from Innkeepers, all female assigned servants found in their employ, has induced me to address you on the subject of such order, which seems fraught with injustice, and is an attack on the moral habits of a body of Colonists, who before getting a licence for £25 per annum must be recommended by Magistrates as fit guardians of travellers, and enter into a bond of £200 to obey one of the strictest recognizances that ever was exacted, after which he is not allowed an assigned female servant to perform a part of the duty his recognizance imposes, whilst any sly grog seller can obtain as many female convict servants as he applies for. It may be said that public houses afford a temptation to crime; so do sly grog shops under no recognizance; but I submit that if His Excellency the Governor will cause the records of the Police to be examined he will find that crime has not decreased in consequence of the late preposterous order having been enforced, which has the cause of crowding the Factory with unemployed females at a great expence [sic] to the government, injury to industrious females, and serious inconvenience to the community.

Yours, &c.,


Sydney, May 23, 1838

See Original: “To the Editor of The Australian,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 – 1848), Tuesday 29 May 1838, p.4