Jane New

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 April 1829


To the Editor of The Australian.

Can it be true

A certain JANE NEW

Left a repository

All of a stew.

—Newsmongers’ Hall—

SIR,— I am requested by the very worshipful President of the very worshipful Hall, to transmit to you a few questions from their very worshipful body.

1st— Is it true a number of individuals were running to and fro one day of a week in Parramatta in search of a ward, not of chancery, but of the female factory, who it appears made her escape through a tremendous stone in a tremendous high ten feet wall?

2d.— Is it true that these individuals, or rather knights of the waddy of this little village, are as much at a loss as their fellow labourers of the big “town?”

Can it be true

Men of the Peace

Are JANE NEW hunting,

Like as many wild geese?

3d.— Is it true a certain factory is becoming the seat of extortion, by a certain visiting member, middling high to be sure, wishing to be told what a poor creature would know nothing about? Eh dear, these are funny doings.

4th.— Is it true that new delegates have been appointed, who are determined to punish horse flesh to do that which it ought not to do?

Can it be true

A slumming Hew

Will get pardon

To seize JANE NEW?

5th.— Is it true a bundle was handed into a large stone building, containing toggery that perchance, got outside its walls, on the person of a new member, so that another should not be disappointed in a bit of Parramatta cloth, cap, and apron?

6th.— Is it true that the very worshipful committee of the very worshipful Hall felt a pleasure in noticing the great support, the gentlemen of the Turf Club met with by the attendance of so numerous and respectable a body as appeared on the course, and who were in no dread of being turned out of office?

So many dependency flourish, and may the toasts go merrily round—

And when the gents of the Club to Parramatta will call,

A warm reception they’ll have at Newsmongers’ Hall—

Their board shall be spread with the best of good cheer—

And now we invite them without any fear.

These few things being made of so much consequence, the Hall held a special meeting, which I shall beg leave to furnish you with for your fun.



By order—TOM CARELESS, clerk to the committee.

Parramatta, April, 1829

See Original:QUIPS AND QUIDDITIES. To the Editor of The Australian,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW: 1824 – 1848), Wednesday 15 April 1829, p.2