Jane New

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
27 March 1829


FROM the great benefits resulting to the Public, in consequence of the decision of the Judges on Saturday last, in the case of JANE NEW, it is proposed to raise a Subscription to defray the legal expences [sic], &c. of the husband, who so spiritedly brought the matter forward. Independently of the heavy expences incurred, it may be as well to state that the husband was deprived of his license without any cause being offered, and his assigned servant having been taken into Government employ, his whole property was left at the mercy of strangers, whilst dancing attendance at the Court, Factory, &c. by which he has been nearly ruined.
The following Subscriptions have been already received at the Australian Newspaper Office, where others are invited, and will be readily acknowledged; viz..
A Friend to Constitutional Liberty,    £ 1    0
One who hates persecution,                   0   10
Audi alteram partem,                               0   10
Over the hills and far away,                   1     0

See Original:Advertising,” The Australian (Sydney, NSW: 1824 – 1848), Friday 27 March 1829, p.2