Jane Mack

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
27 January 1837


WEDNESDAY.—Two servants assigned to MISS REYNOLDS Pitt-street, JANE MACK and MARY GREENWOOD brought forward for absconding from their service, and further charged with having pilfered a number of articles belonging to their mistress, were sentenced each to the 3d class of the Factory for twelve months. It appeared that the prisoners were both of them absent from MISS REYNOLD’s employment on Monday (16th instant), having effected their escape by the back gate of the premises early in the morning—MISS REYNOLDS having seen them both at three o’clock, at which time she got up in consequence of the barking of a dog, which she could not account for; at breakfast time the prisoners were both of them off, and the key of the back gate also was missing, without which they could not have got out. About eleven o’clock on Tuesday night, they were both apprehended by constable THOMPKINS, with three bundles containing clothes; on examination of these bundles, MISS R. found a variety of articles which they could not have obtained but by pilfering, and which MISS R. knew to be her property, consisting of pairs of boots, stays, silk stockings, &c., their bundles altogether forming a very complete female wardrobe. They had nothing to offer in their defence, and the Bench passed the sentence which we have already stated.


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