Mary Greenwood

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
21 January 1837

JANE MACK, and MARY GREENWOOD, assigned to the Misses REYNOLDS, were charged with the following offence; on Monday morning, upon Miss REYNOLDS getting up, she found the back door open, and both prisoners absent. They had obtained egress by taking the key of the padlock which secured the door, from the bed room table. On Tuesday evening at the hour of Eleven they were met in Pit [sic] Street,  by constable TOMKINS, and taken into custody. In their possession three bundles were found, which upon being searched, proved to contain a variety of property which had been stolen from the shop, to which MACK had access, for the purpose of cleaning and putting up the shutters &c. Miss REYNOLDS stated that the night before they absconded, property had been given to them valued at £6. They were each found Guilty, and sentenced to be confined in the factory for twelve months, to be added to their sentences from home.


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