Sarah McGregor

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
15 January 1835

(From the Monitor of yesterday.)

SARAH M’GREGOR who (with MARY MALONY) was sentenced to death for the wilful murder of CAPTAIN WALDRON, has received a commutation of her sentence from England, and is to be confined in the third class of the Factory, for three years. During the time M’GREGOR has been waiting His Majesty’s pleasure, she has been confined confined [sic] in Windsor goal [sic], whence she was removed early on Saturday morning, in order to undergo her commuted punishment. (This paragraph is worded very obscurely, as it would appear from it that the woman M’GREGOR only had received a commutation of sentence, which is not likely. We are glad to learn that the sentence is mitigated, inasmuch as the case was clearly not one of the murder. Ed, Syd. Gaz.).


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