Ann Lambert

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
24 April 1834


GEORGE KIRK, a convict assigned to Dr. NEILSON, was brought forward charged with harbouring one of the water nymphs belonging to Mrs. HOWEL’s [sic] laundry establishment.* It happened very unseasonably that her mistress required her services just at the very time she was enjoying half an hours relaxation from the wash tub, with her faithful GEORGE, who, since her return from that receptacle of beauty and innocence—the Factory, had, ever and anon, with painful anxiety, walked to and fro opposite her door. Being . missed from the premises, suspicion fell on GEORGE, and a messenger was despatched to Dr. NEILSON’s kitchen, where the happy pair were found; the facts being proved, and hapless GEORGE having nothing to offer in extenuation, was doomed to receive 50 lashes by way of cooling the ardour of his passion, with the promise of a double dose for the next offence. GEORGE looked very sheepish on leaving the office.

* The water nymph in question was Irish convict ANN LAMBERT who was assigned to Mrs. HOWELL and had only recently returned from a 21-day stint in the Factory on the 17 April 1834.


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