Sarah McGregor

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
3 February 1834

The servants* of the late CAPTAIN WALDRON, of Illawarra, have been committed for trial for the attack made on the person of that gentleman.

The folly, if not the wickedness, of certain venal individuals “at Home,” who collect and entrap females of various grades in character, and send them by ship-loads, to this Colony, demands the immediate intervention of the proper authorities. We have melancholy proofs of this fact every day. The records of our police office cannot but affect the most apathetic observer. The advantage of increasing our numbers and happiness, by the introduction of young and virtuous females of industrious habits, cannot be denied; but the selection must be well made in the mother country—proper attention be paid to their morals and comfort on the passage, and full protection afforded them on their arrival here. They have as yet, in too many instances, been made a traffic of, that is disgraceful to humanity.



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