Ann Lambert

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
30 May 1833


ANN LAMBERT, a strapping dame assigned to Mrs. HOWELL the laundress, was brought forward charged with drunkenness, and absconding from her service, the present not being the first offence of a similar nature, the last time her mistress had occasion to bring her before the Bench, she was discharged at the instance of the mistress who interceded for her, in hopes she would reform. She had to say the truth been very good up to the present time, a period of 3 months. Mr. WINDEYER hoped, that a good servant like the prisoner, who could behave herself for 3 months, which in Sydney is a long period, had not entirely lost the good opinion of her mistress, and enquired if she would venture to let her off again as she tendered very fair promises of future good conduct, but ANN had been determined to make up for lost time, and had behaved so grossly, that forgiveness was impossible. She was therefore sentenced to 3 months 3d class, and returned to Government as incorrigible.


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