Jane Knight

Evidence Type: Newspaper Report
24 February 1831


JOSEPH WOOLLEY, EDWARD O’HARA, and JANE KNIGHT, were placed at the bar, charged as bring concerned in the outrageous attack on the house of JAMES RAYMOND, Esq. at two o’clock on the morning of last Saturday week. Mr. RAYMOND deposed to the facts of the case to the same effect, as described in our publication of the 15th instant. His testimony was fully corroborated by several other witnesses. Mr. RAYMOND, junior, and Serg. CHEESE, of the 39th regiment, proved the pursuit and capture of O’HARA, who was clearly identified as the party who entered the house with WOOLLEY. Mr. JOHN MAUGHAN deposed, that the pistol now produced, and which is the one wrested by Mr. R. from the prisoner WOOLLEY, was his property. It was usually kept unloaded on the mantle-piece at his premises on the South Head Road. It was in the charge of GREENWOOD, who is his assigned servant. On hearing the alarm raised by Mr. R. he hastened to his relief, and found a hat which he had given to WOOLLEY. He went immediately to his farm, and found WOOLLEY, whose duty it was to sleep there, absent. GREENWOOD, however, was there, and on being questioned as to the pistol, said he had placed it in his box for safety, but on examining it no pistol was found. Some other circumstances also led to a suspicion that he had harboured and connived with WOOLLEY, in consequence of which he also was taken into custody. He, however, now gave a very feasible account, and was therefore remanded to afford opportunity for enquiry. The other three, viz. WOOLLEY, O’HARA, and KNIGHT, having nothing satisfactory to offer in their defence, were fully committed to take their trials for burglary.


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