Jane Knight

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19 August 1830


JOHN DUNN, an assigned servant to JAMES RAYMOND, Esq., was placed at the bar, on a charge of stabbing a fellow servant, one JOSEPH BULLEY. It appeared in evidence, that Mr. R. has in his employ one JANE KNIGHT, whom the prisoner was desirous to address in the soft moving strains of love, but the lovely JANE not choosing to be so addressed by him, the usurping demon, jealously, took possession of his breast, and conceiving that BULLEY was the favoured swain, he determined on revenge. In pursuance of this design, he rushed upon his supposed rival, and over the shoulder of the lady in dispute, who interposed to shield “her lov’d Alonzo,” inflicted two severe wounds on the back of BULLEY. The femmes de culinaire immediately put in requisition their vocal powers, and speedily brought their master into the kitchen, who wrested the weapon (a carving knife) from his grasp, and consigned him to the watch-house. The Magistrate asked JANE whether the prisoner “courted” her, but the question completely discomposed her risible faculties, which gradually expanded into a sort of demi-semi smile, and then again as gradually resumed their former duenna-like arrangement. “Oh lud, Sir,” exclaimed our heroine, “What! court me? no, I never lets nobody court me.” MARGARET, however, who came next, admitted that “it was the case now and again.” His Worship, at length, having listened to all the lengthy details of “love and madness,” and witnessed the wounds in question, committed DUNN to take his trial, at the next assizes, for cutting and maiming.


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